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Running Play on Becoming Money Wise

Attention, parents of children aged 7 to 11! Is your little one facing challenges when it comes to distinguishing between Needs and Wants? Do they find the concept of a Savings Account confusing? Or perhaps they believe that purchasing items is as simple as swiping a "plastic thingie."

No worries! Our program, "Running Play on Becoming MoneyWise," is here to support your child's financial literacy journey.

With a delightful mix of vocabulary lessons, engaging math problems, informative videos, hands-on crafts, and carefully curated book recommendations, we strive to equip your child with essential financial knowledge. They will learn about various Ways to Pay for goods and services, gain insights into Real Costs involved in purchases, discover the importance of Saving Money, and even explore the true nature of Money itself.

Join us on this exciting adventure of financial education, and let's empower your child to become MoneyWise together!